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If you haven’t heard of Made for Broadway(MFB) yet, you’ll be pretty impressed.

South African music, especially in the alternative scene, has not been up to standard as compared to the last few years when you consider recording quality, album art work, musicianship and overall effort in achieving a homogenous experience that is a YOUR BAND/BRAND.

Made For Broadway’s Album – Life Lessons

Now before you’ve even listened to their tracks (which are all awesome, catchy and lyrically dynamic), you’ll notice that a lot of effort was put into creating the overall quality of the packaging as well as album artwork. Scope out the rest of MFB’s digital identity and you’ll see that homogenous experience we’re talking about.

Anyways, we’ve been listening to this album for a few months now and regularly try to break-it-down to “Together(Parallel Universe)”. Mr. James laid down some of the most punk-interstellar lyrics we’ve ever heard!! As for guitars, Mr. Braam’s super tight, chunky and colourful riffs provide a melodious soundscape while Mr. Thompson’s driving, tone rich bass-lines are well audible and do a good job at filling up the room. Finally, drummer boy Mr. Storm laid down some beats that will kick you in the ass ever so pleasantly (Mr. Storm has a bit of a reputation).

Overall, this is an awesome musical experience that the boys at Made for Broadway have created. Looking forward to hearing what future MFB releases.

So before you start your journey through space and time, make sure you got the right music onboard!

Click here to visit Made for Broadway’s Life Lessons on itunes – available for purchase for R89.99

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